The New Patient Process: Simplified

OrthoCalc has evolved into a full service software suite to help your entire orthodontic staff streamline the New Patient Process from start to finish. OrthoCalc is now SymplConsult... See how Sympl we are making the Orthodontic Consult process.

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Financial Presentation System

Give the power to the patient and let them choose. All financing options are highlighted in the center of the page to help the patient or parent quickly choose the best option for them.

Patient Account Management

SymplPayments, SymplCollect, and our SymplPay App are the newest and most robust features from the SymplConsult platform. SymplPayments will automate the recurring credit card process by taking the information directly from the SymplConsult contract and automating the recurring billing for your practice.

Electronic and @HomePayments

SymplConsult allows your patients to accept a treatment plan from home and make their initial down payment instantly. This process can also be done immediately from any automated SMS or email follow up! A majority of our @HomePayment are done after office ours and on weekends when you are closed!

Insurance Verification Platform

SymplVerify by SymplConsult is the first of its kind orthodontic insurance verification service and software platform. Using state of the art software and texting combined with our team of insurance verification specialists, we are able to deliver a best in class orthodontic insurance verification platform.

Automated Follow Up System

Automate your pending follow up process with our Email/Text Follow-Up System - NO PENDING PATIENT GETS OVERLOOKED.

Allows the patient to review treatment and payment options, accept treatment, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, make their initial payment - ALL FROM AN AUTOMATED EMAIL OR TEXT.

Digital Signature Platform

Streamline the entire new patient process. Email Health History Forms home to sign electronically and automatically feed them directly to the patients SymplConsult account. Patients can also digitally sign all their financial paperwork in the office or from home to start treatment.

Real-Time Practice Analytics

Can you track all aspects of your consults and starts in Real-Time? Do you know average start % and amount of the average down payment? Do you have multiple locations and need to track them all individually? Our Real-Time Analytics handle all of this for you with out any user input!

Digital Consults and Appointments

SymplConsult now allows for practices to use Digital Consults to further simplify and streamline the new patient process. Simply embed our widget to your website or use your customized digital consult link on your social media marketing. Patients can submit photos in a matter of seconds and you can use SymplConsult to send treatment plans in an instant. See how easy it is by testing on our site!

"SymplConsult has seriously streamlined the process and left our treatment coordinators with the ease of presenting fees, and following up at the right times. Plus our patients love the at-home feature that is compatible with every device. If you aren't using SymplConsult currently, definitely make the switch! #gamechanger"

Financial Presentation

Streamline the fee presentation for your patients.

Automated Follow-Ups

Helping you turn pending patients in to treatment starts.

Electronic Documents

Patients can sign all documents in the office or at home.

@Home Payments

Patients can accept and pay anywhere at anytime.

Recurring Payments

Process your monthly recurring payments.

Automated Collections

Reduce staff time by automating the collections process.


Complete patient financial account management.

Bank Level Texting

Bank level texting capabilities for finance.

Patient Intake Forms

Electronic Health History Forms

Digital Consults

Provide treatment plans and pricing from your website.


Monitor your patients treatment remotely.

Practice Analytics

Real-time data on how your practice is performing.

Digital Consults Directly On Your Website

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HIPAA Compliant Esignature Platform. With New Patient Appointment Reminders.

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