Sympl Payments

SymplPayments, SymplCollect, and our SymplPay App are the newest and most robust features from the SymplConsult platform! SymplPayments will automate the recurring credit card process by taking the information directly from the SymplConsult contract manage the revenue cycle / recurring billing for your practice.

SymplCollect will automate the collections process for your patients. The SymplPay Patient app will allow your patients to manage their accounts directly from their phone, all while saving staff time and enhancing the patient experience.

Revenue Cycle Management

SymplPayments makes it easy to set up automated recurring billing for your patients tailored exactly to how you bill and set up your contract in SymplConsult. Keep your payments in-house, but have the software to make it simple and easy for your patients.

SymplCollect Automated Collections

SymplCollect with SymplPayments is much more than a basic credit card processing system. Our AI based 120 day collections protocol automates emails and texts to any patient that has had declined payments. Patients can quickly update the card on file and the system will automatically update the card and charge the amount due. Our 120 Day protocol will eliminate hundreds of staff hours used to track down payments manually. Simply set up the patient and forget about it. We will keep you updated with live feeds and reporting.

SymplPay Patient App

SymplPay is the first orthodontic patient account management app on the market! Your patients can easily set up and have full access to their account in seconds. They will have the ability to manage their card on file, see past and future recurring payments and even automatically generate HSA/FSA receipts directly from their account! Launching in Jan 2020. Will be available for Apple and Android Devices.

Split Patient and Insurance Contracts

We understand the difficulties with multiple responsible parties, divorced situations etc. We have built SymplPayments with this in mind. You can easily split contracts by % or $. In addition each party with have independent cards on file and reminders for their portion alone. No more trying to manually set up these accounts or "make your current system" work for these.

Text For Account Details Functionality

Patients can quickly and easily check their balance by replying to any text from the system.

BAL will give them their remaining balance,
HIS will show them their last 5 payments,
CARD will quickly allow them to update their card on file
DUE will let them know their current amount due.
NEXT will give them next payment details.
And Many More commands!

Your patients live on their cell phones so lets make it easy for them to understand their financial information.

Full Ledger and Reporting

SymplPayments includes full patient and insurance ledger and reporting capabilities. No need to manually run reports: you will have access to real-time 30, 60, 90+ day reports. You can quickly work patients accounts or generate reports for specific categories if needed. SymplPayments generates End-Of-Day reporting for full tracking of new contracts, down-payments, adjustments, payments and more.

"SymplConsult has seriously streamlined the process and left our treatment coordinators with the ease of presenting fees, and following up at the right times. Plus our patients love the at-home feature that is compatible with every device. If you aren't using SymplConsult currently, definitely make the switch! #gamechanger"

SymplConsult Support

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